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Thank you for your interest in RivEX.  I have over 25 years experience in River Habitat Surveying and GIS development. I've specialised in using GIS for river network analysis and have built applications for automating the extraction of river habitat parameters.

Development of RivEX was born out of my interest in mapping rivers and maintaining my skill base in ArcObjects, the building blocks of ESRI ArcGIS. With next generation GIS, ArcPro; RivEX has made the leap to a python toolbox, opening up opportunities for custom automation in modelbuilder or python scripting.

I am open to new ideas for improving RivEX and welcome your feedback. Please contact me if you require any specific customisation, or have any questions regarding RivEX and its use for mapping rivers.

I am delighted that RivEX has become such a valuable piece of software for so many users.  When I'm not worrying about rivers I can often be found at the bottom of some cave!
My Desktop Associate certification
Verification code: GKDYRS4K2EQ11DDC
Duncan Hornby BSc(Hons) , MSc
Southampton, UK
Email: contact@rivex.co.uk

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