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Quality controlling your data

RivEX requires your river network to be topologically correct for it to successfully process. Various errors can occur when a network is created and/or updated.

RivEX provides a set of quality controls which you can run on your network.  The output of a quality control is a dBase or text file identifying the polylines which failed the quality control.  It is then up to you, the user, to correct your data.
Polyline attributes
Zero (null) length polylines
Multi-part polylines
Self-intersecting polylines
Closed polylines
Small polylines composed of two vertices
Disconnected polylines
Double digitised polylines
Intersecting polylines
Overlapping polylines
Sources within a network
Search network for cycles
Monotonic trend
Polyline spikes
Network cycles
RivEX also provides a tool for automatically removing self-intersections

More advice is given in the manual
about dealing with these errors: